31 Июл 2018
Minekeeper Is a console application that constantly monitors your miner and restarts it in case it freezes, closes or stops mining due to any internal errors.
Minekeeper, if you want, can also inform you about the restart of the miner and generate a summary report about the work of your farm and send notifications to your email address or your Telegram Messenger.

Download Miner: https://mega.nz/#!pnwEWIbY!hWnXOukpyuJ5qAUtQ6z-cGUJ8IOF0eBsxadz2NQSLcM

Main functions:

Full support for zcash for Ewbf (ZEC) cuda miner and Ethereum's Dual Claymore'+Decred AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner
Restarting the miner in case of a hang, unexpected closure or if it has stopped mining due to any internal errors
Auto-restarting the miner at the time
Automatically restart your computer on time
Send a notification if your farm is not online (if there is a loss of power, disconnection from the Internet or an unexpected restart of the computer)
A configurable time interval of monitoring.
Adjustable time delay before restart of the miner, that would allow the cards to correctly reboot
Tracking the cryptocurrency rate and sending notifications based on the specified conditions (if the rate is greater than, equal to or less than the expected value)
Send a notification and / or restart the miner if the average speed is less than expected within X minutes
Send a notification if the temperature on any video card is higher than expected
Send a summary report of your farm for any period of time
Send all notifications to e-mail and/or Telegram Messenger
Full Russification of the interface and all notifications
Check and send a notification if a new version of MinerKeeper is available